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Benefits of Coconut Water

Beverages are going back to basics. Sports drinks are increasingly focused on natural hydration, making coconut water like Purity Organic the perfect solution for active and health-conscious individuals, whether you’re on your yoga mat or on the basketball court. Not to be confused with coconut milk (which is much higher in natural fats), coconut water is packed with nutrients -- take a look at some of the many benefits of coconut water below.

Happy Heart

Coconut water comes from the centers of young coconuts that have not yet reached full ripeness. The liquid is naturally high in potassium, a key component of combating excessive amounts of sodium in the body. Too much sodium can eventually lead to high blood pressure, which then puts pressure on the heart. Drinks like coconut water help balance everything out and help keep your heart happy. 

Coconut water is also high in electrolytes, which we all associate with sports drinks already. Electrolytes help to signal pathways in the body and prevent cramping, the body’s way of communicating a deficit in that department. These naturally occurring elements amount to a beverage that can pack a punch. 

Simply Sweet

Coconut water has sustained in popularity for centuries thanks in part to the taste. While many other options designed for healthful individuals can feel like a chore to consume (looking at you, green smoothie that actually just takes like kale), coconut water is naturally sweet without sacrificing its benefits. The light and refreshing drink is a perfect treat after a workout and a great way to re-hydrate. 

The sweet, nutty flavor of coconut water is completely natural to the point that in some places, coconut water can be drunk directly from the fruit itself with a straw, probably most often by that one girl on your Instagram feed that always seems to be on vacation. Bottled coconut water found at the local grocery store, by contrast, should be free of added sugars. For this reason, it is always smart to check that a brand of coconut water is not adding any sweeteners before purchasing. Spoiler: we don’t. 

Nutrients Galore

In addition to the electrolytes, potassium and natural sugars, coconut water also contains small amounts of carbs that help balance out muscle function while missing proteins and fats almost entirely, and one cup of coconut water should only have around 50 calories. All in all, when stacking coconut water up against mainstream sports drinks, there’s plenty of what the body craves in spades and no traces of the less desirable additives found in many of the drinks on shelves today. Next workout, reach for a coconut water -- your body will thank you.