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Coconuts For Everyday Life

Coconut Health Benefits

Coconuts conjure the imagery and energy of the tropics: lush getaways, beachside villas, and time in the sun. This fruit (that’s right - not actually a nut!) doesn’t have to be relegated to vacations, though. Keep reading to check out the many health benefits of coconuts and some ways you can incorporate more of them into your everyday life. 

Bone Health

Coconuts contain proteins, vitamins, and minerals, with especially high counts of manganese. Manganese is critical to maintaining bone health and healthy metabolism. Coconut milk is the perfect way to incorporate these nutrients into your diet, and it's a fantastic alternative for those who may be sensitive to dairy products or prefer diets without animal products. These great nutrients all help in fighting conditions like osteoporosis, a bone disease which causes bones to become weak and brittle. 

Let It Glow

If skincare is a priority for you, consider adding Purity Organic coconut water to your diet.  The B-vitamins and selenium present in coconut water are major allies in the fight against acne. Skincare 101 also tells us that hydration is the best foundation for clearer skin, and coconut water is a refreshing and replenishing way to make that a top priority. 

Coconuts can also help bring life back to hair. Coconut oil has been used as a moisturizer for centuries -- combating dryness and giving hair the sheen we all crave. Coconut oil can be used as a skin moisturizer, too. If you’re not sure how to start working coconut oil into your hair and skin routines, many major brands are already well-stocked with options that include coconut in their formulas. 

Blood Pressure

Coconuts are very high in potassium, and this nutrient is not lost when coconuts are used to create coconut milk and water. Potassium is key when it comes to helping the heart stay happy, making sure kidneys are filtering, and optimizing muscle and nerve function. Recent studies even show that coconuts may help the prevention of dangerous blood clots. 


The white, flaky part of the inside of a coconut is referred to as the “meat,” which is so sweet and tasty it is most often used in baking. While cheesecake and brownies are certainly desserts, adding coconut to any of these recipes will also bring a touch of copper and iron, both of which coconuts have in spades. Coconut meat is low-carb but high in natural fats and fibers, which means it aids in the feeling of “fullness” faster and can help promote weight loss. 

Though it might seem intimidating to work coconut into your diet, there are so many ways to easily start. Whether you find your best option is replacing dairy with coconut milk, sipping coconut water throughout the day or after a workout, or creatively incorporating coconut into new recipes, the benefits are boundless.