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Craft Corner! Purity Super Bottle

With kids suddenly relegated indoors with parents all across the country, many families are finding themselves with many extra hours of the day to fill. Alongside important attempts to continue learning opportunities, there are also some fun and creative activities for parents to complete alongside children that only require items most of us already have lying around the house. 

This can be a scary time for children: routine has been interrupted, and there’s a general sense of uncertainty for most families right now. Making a mindful jar is the perfect activity for these unsteady times, and crafting a Purity Super Bottle (our take on the mindful jar) incorporates some opportunities for lessons which can provide comfort to children. 

A mindful jar is a visual representation of the mind settling -- combining ingredients and watching colors and liquids swirl together represents how unsteady the mind can feel in frustrating, scary, and exciting times alike. With time, though, the ingredients in the jar will always eventually settle -- reminding kids that it can be the same for their minds, too.

Purity Super Bottle ingredients + instruction:

  • Rinse and clean the jar of your favorite Purity Superjuice and remove the label. 
  • Fill the jar with warm water.
  • Add some clear glue.
  • Toss in as much glitter as your child’s heart desires and watch the colors and ingredients swirl and combine together.
  • Feel free to add any glitter glue or food coloring you might already have on hand.

Ta-da! Your Purity Super Bottle is ready to go.

This activity also provides a great opportunity to talk with kids about reusing and recycling. By creating something new out of a Purity bottle that already served its original purpose, kids are able to see these cycles in action. Connecting an educational component is the perfect stay-at-home combo: a fun activity for the kids that also gives them lessons about the world and their own brains. 

And don’t forget -- while staying home, you can still get a restock of your favorite Purity Organic drinks delivered right to your door. From the Purity family to yours: happy crafting!