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Organic For All!

From farms far and wide, we find only the best organic fruits and vegetables nature can provide at a price we can all enjoy. So, let's make a toast to delicious.

Fizz At Your Fingertips

These days, subscription services are everywhere. Streaming sites Netflix and Hulu paved the way for music companies like Spotify and Apple Music, or Tidal if you happen to be a friend of Jay-Z and want to support his entrepreneurial endeavors. With almost anything and everything available at the touch of a button online, it’s easier than ever to set up subscription plans. 

fruit delivery

When it comes to food and drink, subscription delivery services are starting to find their niche, too. Meal prep kits come right to the door. So, what about beverages? Why do we still have to go to a juice bar or grocery store for an organic sip? It’s time for a Purity Organic subscription.  

  • The office: Not to be confused with the classic NBC comedy for which Steve Carell should have obviously won an Emmy, your office can be vastly improved by a monthly PO delivery. Some sparkling waters, juices, and coconut water could definitely brighten team morale, spice up meetings, and get Deborah from accounting to stop complaining about the lack of decaf options. (Just bring in your own k-cups if it’s that important to you, Deborah.)
  • Your home: What’s that right next to your Amazon Prime package? It’s a different package, full of PO beverages! Stock up on your drinks all at once, always have coconut water handy, and take away the struggle of getting everything home from the grocery store. 
  • Hosting: Nothing says “party time” like a whole lot of sparkling water! Next game night or watch party, impress everyone you’ve ever met with your multitude of beverage options. The best part? You didn’t even have to run to the store to amass these choices - they were delivered right to your doorstep, just like last month, and without the retail store markup.
  • Working out: It’s always lousy to make the effort of going to the gym or on a long run and then come home, stoked to recharge, but finding an empty fridge. Put this worry to rest and know there will always be more coconut water where that came from, ready to help replenish your system. 
  • Zombie apocalypse: Not to take too sharp of a transition or freak you out or anything, but if by some chance you do end up in your apartment for a bit longer than expected, you will have a stockpile of delicious products to keep you going. But it’s fine. Everything’s fine. We’re all fine.

Enjoy your drinks!!

delicious strawberries