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Happy New Year! Natural Hangover Remedies

Happy New Year! Or should we say... happy National Hangover Day. That’s right -- the first day of a new year is also dedicated to those of us who might be battling the lingering effects of a celebration worthy of the Roaring '20s. Before you get started on those resolutions, we have a few great tips to help beat the hangover blues. 

Booze Snooze

If you’ve woken up hungover, odds are you might be feeling a little tired, too. Not only does alcohol have effects on the brain right when it enters the bloodstream, it can also later disrupt a night’s sleep. This is why people often feel sleepy after a big night of drinking, even if they got into bed before 3am. (If that’s you - congrats! Can’t relate.)

Coconut water makes a great hangover cure for lots of reasons, especially because of the electrolytes it naturally contains. These energy-boosting electrolytes will help balance out your system and give you the push to start your day - and your year - off right. 


It’s super easy to get dehydrated when drinking, which is totally understandable when champagne is being passed around. We aren’t here to judge. Headaches are never fun, and they’re definitely an all too common companion of hangovers. Juices can be a great way to eliminate headaches: when a juice contains vitamin C, natural sugars, some antioxidants, and those important electrolytes, that headache won’t stand a chance. Pressed juices are a crowd favorite, but sometimes it’s also great to stick with a classic. Grab an orange juice and maybe pass on mixing it with champagne at brunch (this time).

Tummy Troubles

Since alcohol leads to more hydrochloric acid in the stomach, it’s pretty common for a hangover to include an upset stomach. Any guesses as to a nice, naturally sweet beverage to help with this symptom? You guessed it - more coconut water! In addition to the aforementioned benefit of helping recharge your energy, coconut water is also great for settling an upset stomach. This drink tends to lead to less nausea while trying to rehydrate, as opposed to sugary sports drinks or harsh sodas. Coconut water is also naturally high in potassium, which is a nutrient the body loses while drinking. Replenishing the potassium in your body will also help ease the aches, pains and soreness you might be feeling. The best part of all? The things that make Purity Organic coconut water so great come right from the earth. Start your year off strong -- we believe in you.