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Organic For All!

From farms far and wide, we find only the best organic fruits and vegetables nature can provide at a price we can all enjoy. So, let's make a toast to delicious.

Organic is the New Normal

Back in the day, there was a word for organic food: food. When modern pesticides were first being put to use in the United States in the 1950s, food became cheaper and crops thrived -- how could there possibly be any downsides? As we know now, these frequently toxic sprays and gases can cause harm to us, to animals, and to our environment. 

Genetically engineered foods followed a similar story, first being welcomed as a positive thing but later being revealed as less than safe. Thankfully, there has been a wide-scale return to organic -- real food is making a comeback.

A Change of Thinking

Woman with JuiceWhen the organic movement really kicked into gear in the early 2000s, the trend shifted a bit from something considered pretty elitist to a more mainstream preference. To be fair, there were a lot of trends at the time but don’t worry: low-rise jeans and Motorola Razrs shouldn’t make a comeback any time soon.

The recent popularity of programs like Whole30 and keto, trendy juices and smoothies, and establishments like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are testament to the niche that organic products have carved out of the market. The truth is that food just tastes better when it’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be made. 

Organic vs All-Natural 

Purity vegetablesThe difference between an all-natural label, as opposed to fully organic, can be confusing. Foods marked “natural” can actually still include processed ingredients, hormones, and artificial flavoring due to less strict regulations surrounding this label. Organic, on the other hand, promises a more conscious process from the growing stage to the shelf. An organic item will have been grown without toxic pesticides, growth hormones or genetic engineering.  

Popularity and Accessibility

As with any trend, popularity means a product will pop up more and more frequently. This increase in accessibility will fan the flames and attract more people like us. This is the reality of organic as the new normal -- with these options becoming more affordable and accessible, why wouldn’t we all buy the things that are the best for us?

As the internet age continues, it’s also easier than ever before to do research and stay informed on the positives associated with organic foods, beverages and even beauty products. Modern tech is making it easier than ever to get the best of the best delivered right to your doorstep. Organic isn’t just for your neighbor down your block headed to the farmer’s market or the gated community a county over -- it’s for all of us.