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Recipes Using Coconut Water

We all know that coconut water is a great drink on its own, but we’re here to let you in on a secret: coconut water can be used in other recipes, too. It’s an especially great replacement for coconut milk , and while the results can be super similar in taste, using a water alternative decreases some of the heavy fattiness that can be the result of cooking with milk. Hosting, or just looking to spice up your recipes a bit? Check out these fun uses for that coconut water in your fridge and upgrade your next meal!

Salad Dressing

Next time a homemade vinegarette is on your menu, consider adding a Purity Organic coconut water to the mix. Believe it or not, a basic dressing can be as easy as combining your coconut water with olive oil, fresh lemon, and salt. Coconut water’s natural sweetness, freshness, and nutty flavor make this dressing a great topping for any salad. For the more ambitious home chefs, blend in an avocado and some basil for something closer to a green goddess dressing to top a salad or pasta dish. 

Meat + Veggies

The stovetop staple of meat, vegetables and rice can benefit from a splash of coconut water as well. Cook the rice in boiling coconut water for that same added sweetness alongside all the nutrients packed into the water on its own. When braising and sauteing meat and veggies, pour in coconut water for a light gravy and tasty coating instead of tap water that will just burn off. Take your weekday meal from dull to daring. 

Smoothies and Juices

When it comes to smoothies and juices, the opportunities are truly endless. A go-to smoothie recipe can be accentuated with a bit of coconut water -- think of it as a fast and easy supplemental ingredient. Replacing a fruit juice with coconut water in a smoothie is also a great way to cut out added sugars. Not sure where to start? Try this Coconut Watermelon Agua Fresca for a super easy and refreshing juice. 


Have a little fun in the dessert realm by playing around with coconut water in your sweet treats. Banana bread, cakes, brownies, and even traditional chocolate chip cookies can all be modified to be dairy-free by using coconut water in place of creams and milks. Puddings are a perfect dish for coconut water, too -- chia pudding is the most popular and is a great option for vegans and diet-restricted folks among us as well. Chia pudding can also be eaten any time of day and can be made in larger quantities for you ambitious meal preppers.