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Spooky, Sparkling Cocktails for Your Halloween Party

It’s once again the spookiest time of year, and every festive party needs equally festive food and beverage choices. If you’re planning to throw a Halloween party, take a look at these themed drink ideas -- and don’t forget to stock up on Purity Organic sparkling water as the base for the spookiest, sparkliest drinks of the season. 

Graveyard Grapefruit Paloma

Connecting this classic cocktail to the reason for the season is as easy as serving in a set of black glasses or using drink labels cut into headstone shapes, marked for party guests. The paloma recipe is super simple, and has remained a great staple for any host: just mix tequila, lime juice, and a splash of sparkling grapefruit for this light and sweet option. 

Boo Booze

This drink is the perfect match for a party punch bowl. Combine gin, simple syrup, a splash of lime juice and raspberry sparkling water, then top off the batch with some fresh raspberries and basil leaves. The drink will start to take on some of that berry blood red color and is sure to be hit for spooky partygoers. 

Witch’s Brew

For a truly colorful option, whip up a batch of witch’s brew: orange juice, sparkling lemon water, and melon liqueur combine to create this bright and bubbly drink. Serve in a martini glass to really capitalize on the aesthetic of the melon liqueur, which is often bottled in neon green and yellow options practically designed for this time of year. 

Creepy Cran

Everyone loves a good vodka-cranberry, and it’s easier than ever to turn this staple into something spooky. If you didn’t know until today that black vodka exists, welcome to the party! Combine the black vodka of your choice with dark cranberry juice and a splash of sparkling lime for the bloodiest looking booze of all. With these options available to your favorite witches, wizards, gals and ghouls, you’re sure to have your party guests talking for weeks after Halloween has passed.