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Sweet Fall Treats Made with Coconut Water

Sweet Fall Treats Made with Coconut Water

Did you think coconut water was just for warmer weather? Think again.

While, we admit, there’s nothing like a refreshing coconut water after a workout or long day of lounging in the sun, coconut water is also the perfect ingredient in some cozy fall recipes (especially for those who prefer to live the gluten or dairy-free life). We’ve gathered up some of our favorites so that all you have to do is preheat the oven and get cooking. 

Coconut Cake

The secret ingredient for this recipe is right in the name, and the splash of coconut water gives this classic cake a fresh taste. Layer cakes are super easy to fall in love with, and this recipe from MyRecipes reminds us why: already light and airy, this particular recipe is made from stacking springy, foamy coconut cakes that are then covered in a vanilla frosting. The coconut water goes right in the batter, promising that these cakes will come out baked to sweet perfection. 

Coconut Chocolate Pudding

For the dietary-restricted among us, you can still join in the fun with this vegan, no-bake coconut chocolate pudding. The folks behind this recipe wanted to come up with some fun ways to incorporate coconut water into their most comforting dessert recipes, and it sounds like this easy option is a crowd-pleaser. With fresh bananas and, of course, the splash of coconut water, this sweet and creamy treat is sure to be a hit. 

Rice Pudding

An underrated dessert if there ever was one, rice pudding is super simple and a great option for seasoned chefs and casual cooks alike. The folks over at CafeMom suggest making the rice with a splash of coconut water, allowing it to soak up the natural sweetness (and all those nutrients). For those that can’t get enough of the coconut flavors, you can double down by adding coconut milk instead of regular milk, too. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes, nothing beats a classic. Believe it or not, coconut water also works as a supplement to a standard chocolate chip recipe. From Be Well With Arielle, this recipe checks off every possible box for cookies that are both gluten free and dairy free - while also promising the nutrients in the coconut water. These have got to be the most guilt-free treats out there. 

Fall is the time for coziness, and indulging in comforting snacks under a fluffy blanket is the perfect way to soak up everything autumn has to offer. Stock up on your Purity Organic coconut waters - you’re going to want some left over, after all - and get cooking.