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Time For A Tea Party

As spring turns into summer, we are all dreaming of brighter days ahead: soaking up some sun by a pool, enjoying a warm breeze on a rooftop, and perhaps even eventually spending time at a gathering with loved ones. 

In the meantime, we are all finding ways to survive and thrive. (We hope your homemade focaccia turned out great.) Prep for summer by throwing yourself a tea party and indulging in some boozy iced tea cocktail creations with some of our favorite Sweet Leaf Tea flavors. 


This vodka-based favorite is easier than ever before with our Half & Half Lemonade Tea as the base. While other recipes of the sort often call for separate splashes of lemonade, black tea, and flavored vodka, we’ve already perfected that ideal balance of classic tea and tart lemon flavors and bottled it up for you. Just add the vodka, a dash of club soda, and fresh mint leaves and you’ve got a pristine mojito to keep you cool as spring melts into summer.  


Keep things simple and smooth with this spiked creation. Grab our refreshing Mint & Honey Green Tea -- brewed to balance the smooth, fresh green tea flavors with the sweet notes of honey -- and add a shot of your favorite whiskey. If you’ve still got those fresh mint leaves, it doesn’t hurt to double down on the freshness here. 


If you’re also ready to imagine yourself on a beach, this blackberry beverage is the perfect cocktail for you. With our Pomegranate Blueberry Lemonade as the base, the only ingredient you need for the simplest version of this drink is a dash of rum. If you have the tools and are feeling fancy, muddle some fresh blueberries in simple syrup and add it to the mix to take this drink to the next level. 


While this drink would be delicious with a regular sweet tea, we like to add even more of that Southern sweetness by using our Peach Iced Tea. Mix the tea with a healthy splash of Southern Comfort (or your favorite fruity liqueur, to best compliment the sweet notes in the tea) and feel free to squeeze in a splash of fresh lemon for extra good measure. Just a few bottles of the Peach Iced Tea are enough to make a whole pitcher of this spiked cocktail and leave you sipping on the front porch all afternoon. 


Keep it tropical with this spiked, sunny fruit tea. Our Orange Mango Lemonade is designed to quench your thirst, but with a shot of rum, you won’t be able to put this summer punch down. Dress up your glass with a lime to garnish or add some sugar around the rim for some additional sweetness, but don’t worry: this lemonade is already naturally sweet and citrusy. 

At Purity, we believe your body deserves better. Stay safe by continuing to stay inside, and take advantage of our delivery options to get these teas dropped right at your doorstep. Enjoy your tea time!