Your New Hangover Cure

If you happen to find yourself celebrating a little too hard this weekend, you might wake up feeling slightly less than stellar. Now, dear reader, while we obviously wouldn’t know anything about those sort of activities, we do know that coconut water is actually a great hangover cure. Put down the Pedialyte, and let us introduce you to the magic of coconut water... 

Electrolytes Galore

One of the reasons you feel lousy after a night (or long day) of drinking is an electrolyte imbalance in the body. A lack of electrolytes often manifests itself as cramps and soreness, which is why your body might just feel generally sore when hungover. Grab a Purity Organic coconut water from your fridge, and start sipping -- coconut water is so naturally high in electrolytes that this easy fix will help significantly, the same way a sports drink might. But there’s a bonus: coconut water is natural and therefore free of the processed sugars and additives that are present in that neon sports drink. 

Hydration Station

It’s all too easy to get dehydrated while out on the town. Between ordering the next round of shots, dancing it out, and nervously checking your phone waiting for that text back (no this is NOT a personal anecdote, thanks for asking!), drinking water might drop a few notches on the priority list. Dehydration is the culprit behind the most common hangover symptoms: headaches, nausea, and fogginess can all be attributed to lack of fluids. The good news is that coconut water is a hydration powerhouse and will help get you back on your feet in no time -- plus, it’s more fun to drink than plain old water. We can’t guarantee that coconut water will help in the “waiting for the text back” department, though. Yet. 

It’s the Little Things

All of the vitamins and nutrients in every sip of coconut water help to re-establish some sense of normalcy in the body, too. Slowly reintroducing natural sugars and potassium will balance out your internal systems better than the sudden shock of something like a burger and fries. I mean, there’s supposedly always the option of not drinking as much to avoid the hangover in the first place, but where’s the fun in that? If you’ve already got your go-to hangover cure, just add a coconut water to the mix next time.